If there is a secondary access named on your box, this person may continue to have unrestricted access to your safe deposit box in the event of your death.

The secondary renter should notify VSD of your death and will need to produce a Certificate of Deposit and Death Certificate which we will updated into our system and returned. Once probate has been granted, your account will be closed and should the secondary renter wish to continue to keep valuables at VSD, he/she will be asked to open a new account in his/her own name.

Where you are the sole renter on the box (i.e. there is no secondary renter), the person reporting your death should send us a copy of the Certificate of deposit, death certificate and power of attorney stamped by a public notary. The documents and information will be updated into our system and returned. A new Certificate of Deposit will be issued with the Name on the power of attorney as the current sole renter.

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